AmDrop™ Restore Hair Restoration

Amdrop™ Restore Hair Restoration

Hair loss for both men and women have played a major role in debilitating depression, anxiety and insecurity in
today’s modern society, especially in the younger segments of the population. Statistics reveal that worldwide, more than 50% of all men and 1/3 rd of all women will ultimately experience hair loss in their lives. Over the past few years, great technological strides have been achieved in the non-surgical approach to battling hair loss.

State of the Art technology, AmDrop™ Restore Amniotic Fluid, represents that latest, cutting-edge frontier in regenerative therapy to combat hair loss.

Product Description

AmDrop™ Restore offers a powerful boost in growth factors that can greatly enhance the outcomes of traditional Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures for Hair Restoration practitioners.

Regenerative Therapy for Hair Loss with PRP and Amniotic fluid:
PRP and Amnion-derived fluid are both regenerative medicine treatments that are widely used to treat various orthopedic and wound care (Diabetic and Surgical) conditions.

The major therapeutic benefits of regenerative medicine treatments come from the paracrine action of trophic factors contained in significant concentrations which signal, among many things, the endogenous progenitor cells to begin proliferation and healing.

While PRP and Amniotic Fluid both contain cellular building-blocks, rich in cytokines and other growth factors, Amniotic Fluid contains roughly 10 times the growth factors of standard PRP, making it an ideal addition to PRP regenerative procedures.

AmDrop™ Restore contains multiple potent growth factors including:
Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF, is one of the major beneficial growth factors in amniotic fluid and tissue products and is responsible for cell growth and proliferation. This growth factor can essentially turn the hair follicle cells back on and kick them into a proliferation state where they are active and producing hair. This is the basic idea, although the mechanisms behind their activity are more complicated than this.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, or VEGF, is a growth factor responsible for blood vessel formation and regeneration. You probably already know that blood flow plays a major role in hair growth and hair loss. Some medications originally developed for heart and cardiovascular conditions have side effects of increasing hair growth due to their capacity to dilate blood vessels. In this case VEGF is able to stimulate regeneration of the blood delivery system of the scalp, revascularization and angiogenesis are two technical terms for what VEGF does for dermal tissues.

Platelet Derived Growth Factor, or PDGF, is another growth factor responsible for blood vessel formation, or angiogenesis and stated above.

These cells have the unique ability to signal cell differentiation…that is to develop into many different cell types. These cells are migrate to the site of degeneration, dormant and degenerating hair follicles and regenerate new, healthier cells which activates follicles to produce new hair growth.

Unlike PRP bio-nutrients that are dependent on the health, age and other factors of the patient, AmDrop™ offers a consistent and calculable protein profile every time.

Clinicians around the world prefer AmDrop™ for the use in treating hair loss because it delivers a provable, lab tested a robust mix of cytokines and growth factors.

PRP plus AmDrop™ Combination is exploding in the regenerative Med Spa space …successfully being employed to stimulate hair growth, sexual rejuvenation, and facial rejuvenation and other conditions.
PRP and Amniotic Fluid treatments have now become highly affordable while offering fast treatment times with very little discomfort.

The AmDrop™ Restore Hair Regeneration Kit offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution which incorporates the next generation of hair growth technologies, including our proprietary restorative shampoo and conditioner aftercare.

PRP and AmDrop™ amniotic fluid treatments are part of a larger body of medical research and leading edge therapies that have proven effective in repairing, restoring and strengthening human cells and structures.

Case Studies


Three months after 3 treatments of 0.5 cc of product


4 weeks after treatment

We strive to help medical professionals improve their patients' quality of life by leveraging the latest biologic therapies to provide advanced care for what would otherwise be non-treatable conditions.

Ready to Use

AmDrop™ amniotic fluids are delivered in sterile vials as ready-to-use, flowable grafts; no thawing or additional preparation is required.

Stable shelf life

AmDrop™ is stored at room temperature (50-86°F/10-30°C) until ready for use. Product has a one year shelf life.


AmDrop™ has been shown to suppress immune response and modulate inflammation.


AmDrop™ is provided in a sterile vial in a clear peel-pouch, and may be introduced to the sterile field.


Human tissue donors undergo a stringent quality assurance review process.

Additional Information

AmDrop™ products are primarily amniotic liquid allografts derived from the amniotic components of the placenta to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction. It is classified as minimally manipulated under FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 1271 and section 361 of the PHS. Amnion-derived fluid and membranes are rich in the essential components necessary for tissue regeneration and repair including:

  • Growth Factors
  • Cytokines
  • Collagen
  • Hyalauronic Acid
  • Mesenchymal components